I strongly believe that every piece of success starts with a mindset change because once your mindset changes, everything else changes along with it. Which is why the core of all my talks are centred around mindset. I also believe that all our thoughts lead somewhere, therefore, my talks are aimed at igniting the mind and getting the youth to start thinking more positive thoughts that will excite them to grow, explore and become more ambitious & daring.

Previous National Talk Tours

Nedbank (Professional banking) 2014 - 2018

I have worked alongside Nedbank for over 4years giving inspirational university talks at all major universities and business schools across the country to final year students to assist them be better prepared to enter the job market. Also working alongside the universities career guidance departments.

Van Schaik (Book Series) 2019

Worked alongside the Van Schaik brand to give university talks to students that would assist them plan their study schedules and workload management better.

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