Creative Director

The way a brand communicates with the market plays a key role in their sales and most importantly, their brand equity… - Charma Maluleka

When targeting the black market, understanding the different market segments within the same target market needs more than just a focus group or generic market research & statistics.

My passion is exploring various creative ways of communicating through graphics & visuals.

Branding | Marketing Campaigns | Activations | Animation | Visual Story Telling


Made2Fly Creative Presentation Trailer:

MoFaya Love Story:

Chris Tucker Promo:

Stimorol concept TV commercial:

MoFaya - Ignite Your Mind:

Durban July 2018 - Captured by #Made2FlyCreative:

Usain Bolt in South Africa:

Deceived (Short Film):

Noma Gigaba Foundation Video:

Music Video Showreel:

Made2Fly Siri Presentation Video:

Durban July 2017: