In life you get 2 kinds of people, those who let things happen and those who make things happen, I definitely see myself as the latter!

A creative at heart, an innovative leader, a family man, a serial entrepreneur and an employer of labor.


From the backwoods of the rural village of Elim in Limpopo to building one of the fastest growing Creative Media & Design agency empires in the Southern hemisphere (Made2FlyCreative), my life is the perfect example of what happens when ambition meets dedication. My humble upbringing and impoverished childhood has contributed greatly to the man I have grown to become and the things I hold close to my heart… I find myself with more passion for building brands and leaving behind a legacy rather than just making a lot of money.


The journey has not been an easy nor smooth one at all, but it’s the rough patches, tough challenges and life’s curve balls that forced me to continuously evolve and grow into the best version of myself. Having started my career as a music artist in my early high school years, I started learning the business side of the entertainment industry immediately after completing my schooling. I now sit with over 10 years’ entertainment industry experience under my belt having previously worked in the music, television, advertising and market research industries, with valuable industry experience which I obtained first-hand working directly under CEOs and Directors. I made sure to accumulate as much industry experience working in the corporate sector before confidently embarking on my journey as an entrepreneur.

Did I always want to become an entrepreneur? Not at all. The entrepreneur in me was born out of frustrations I encountered working under “the system” where you have no direct influence on the final outcome coupled with my passion for problem solving. So in November 2011, I finally took the leap towards helping solve one of the biggest problems currently faced by South African youth, unemployment. So my company, Made2Fly Creative officially opened it’s doors and started creating new employment opportunities for unemployed youth.


When it comes to Charma Maluleka the business man, my principles and ethics are unwavering. My good business acumen and talent to negotiate good business deals has unlocked various career opportunities for me. Outside of Made2Fly, I’m a Creative Director & shareholder of MoFaya Beverage Company and director & shareholder of Loko Flame (Pty)Ltd. I also freelance as a TV & Music producer, music video director and talent manager. As a freelancer I have worked on various freelance projects for SABC, ANN7, Pernod Ricard, Courvoisier and international athlete Usain Bolt amongst other clients.

My passion, diligence and creativity towards continuously growing my personal brand has not gone unnoticed, as I have managed to secure a few strategic partnerships with various brands through personal endorsements and brand ambassador deals signed with a few major brands (vehicle, clothing and lifestyle brands).

I think of myself as the serial entrepreneur with a heart of gold, as I am very passionate about Youth Development and Women Empowerment which is translated in my various company and personal projects that empower a lot of young people and young women. As an inspirational speaker, I use my own life story to inspire all those I speak to. One of my speaker career highlights includes my nationwide Nedbank University Talks for final year students which ran from 2014 - 2017. This to me confirms that my talks are both inspirational and make good business sense by providing good ROI for sponsors/clients.

What does the future hold for Charma Maluleka?

Global is where I want to be positioned. I don’t plan to just dominate South Africa or Africa, I plan to be a global citizen and produce quality work for the international market, so everything I do, I do with the international market in mind. With Made2Fly Creative already having a footprint in New York City, the international dream is alive and kicking and already in progress.

I live by the motto, “Use what you already have to get what you want”, and I would like to close off by stating, “If ever there was a right time to positively change the future, this is it!” - Charma Maluleka