What I Do

Creative Director

“Creativity is the way I share my soul with the world” - Brene Brown

My passion for solving problems using creatively innovative solutions is what ensures I always go the extra mile to make clients happy. I treat every new project like a completely new opportunity to apply my creativity, therefore no one project is the same as the previous one.

I excel in the following:


“My photography passion is to capture unrehearsed, unplanned, spontaneous moments…” - Charma Maluleka

So whether you want a shoot for a new exciting product, a high profile event or for a marketing campaign, then I’m your guy! My creative background ensures that I capture your photos in a very “story telling” manner. For photography that brings a moment to life book me today :-)

Strategic Brands Partnership / Brand Ambassador

I see myself as a customer who creates customers for the brands I work with. My marketing/advertising experience coupled with my creative expertise and understanding for the black market makes me the perfect strategic partner to assist grow your brand where it matters most, on the ground. My approach is to never sell directly but rather create some sort of hype around the brand that will entice consumers to want to buy.

I plan, design, develop and execute digital campaigns and on-the-ground activations. I am currently a strategic partner to vehicle brand Mahindra Rise (South Africa) and clothing brand Jonathan D Africa amongst other brands.

Inspirational Speaker

I speak what I live and live what I speak. My talks are based on my life journey which has been nothing but inspirational. I am passionate about talking to those who are yet to walk the path I have walked, so that they can be better prepared. I strongly believe that all our thoughts lead somewhere, therefore, my talks are aimed at igniting the mind and getting the youth to start thinking more positive thoughts that will excite them to grow, explore and become more ambitious & daring.

I also use my talks to strategically partner with various brands and bring across their messaging in a more natural manner.